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Wildlife Management Plan

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The Bower's Family noted that there is significant wildlife damage to crops within 50' of all woodlands and fence rows. If a portion of the farm is to be converted to small grains, hay or specialty crops, implementing a wildlife plan in 2013 would be an advantage for all parties.

Farmers National Lease Agreement 2013

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Send a copy of the 2013 lease to the Farmland Subcommittee. During the conversation with the current producer fertilizer has been applied for 2013. Key questions include - What acreage is included? If the N acreage is part of the contract, can this be adjusted and the hay / grazing land be made available for sub-lease for livestock production. What improvements / maintenance items could be addressed? Can soil sampling be done in conjunction or independent of the current operations? If the committee makes a recommendation, who currently is responsible / accountable for taking action?

Determine site eligibility

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Done per Duane


See the below which was taken from the National Announcement.  So yes state and local governments are eligible.  Federal government agencies are not eligible.


A. Applicant Eligibility

CIG applicants must be a federally recognized Indian Tribe, State or local unit of government, non-governmental organization, or individual.

John Armentano

Notes from 2/26/14 meeting

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  • RFP is forthcoming from Farmers National. Should be posted by the time of a full application?? 20 acres of flexibility is to be built into the lease agreement.
  • Design
  • Two stage ditch can be up to 10' deep. Bottom 20' wide with little slope, then banks are 1:1 slope.