CBN To Do List

Map commercial co-packers

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Add co-packers as an existing businesses or a draft business cases. Assigned to B. Gwin, however everyone is welcome to contribute.

From Red NEO Food Innovation Network tab - select Contribute > Add Existing Business. Once added - The business will appear in the listing of existing businesses on the portfolio homepage as well as be placed on the group map - To see the point on the map select from the tab - View > Portfolio Map.

Create and Load Business Cases for Kitchens and Food Hubs

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Draft cases will be hyperlinked in red. They will only be accessible to this directly involved with the various kitchens / food hubs. You are welcome to edit the case and publish "as is", however the most effective option will be to start a new case under your own account. Currently this can be done from the Home Page >  CONNECT >  Enter a Business or Business Case

CCL&K - Carolyn or Tim

OSUE Local Foods Signature Follow-up

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  1. Define a product or two that is in demand by Amish Wedding Foods - I.e. cucumbers, beets
  2. Contact Gentle Brook Center re-Food processing Center in Hartville.
  3. Contact Todd re Portage Food Hub
  4. Schedule webinar featuring LFS updates and usage examples.
  5. Schedule visit by OSUE Team members to local processors such as Paint Valley Dairy, Pleasant Valley Poultry,  
  6. Contact Emily Adams as a potential NEO FIN resource.

Ohio Third Frontier - Agribusiness and Food Processing

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Ohio Third Frontier has asked the regional entrepreneurial networks (such as the JEN) for additional program recommendations with regards to regional cluster strengths. Braintree (along with OARDC) submitted a letter to the JEN encouraging them to include Agribusiness and Food Processing into their presentation to Ohio Third Frontier on April 10th, 2014.

Kitchen Investments for August 2012 thru July 2013

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We are putting together an impact report for the USDA SCRI as well as NE Ohio FFEF projects. If you would be willing to share details of the investments made and jobs created (or clients served) for this past year ~August 12 to July 13 it would be greatly appreciated.

Facility $, Equipment $, Clients Served and Direct Jobs (Managers / Staff). In most cases, having TOTAL payroll would be beneficial, however we understand with the number of employees this may be sensitive information, thus jobs would be sufficient.