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Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the Advance Northeast Ohio Partners working group of the Ohio Local Food Systems Collaborative.  I hope you’ve spent a few minutes getting acclimated to the site and how it works.  It can serve as both a simple email listserve (post a message like this one to the group and it gets emailed to the entire group, automatically) and as a repository for these communications, documents, links to resources, events, etc.

Towards the Prosumer

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In our discussion on Nov. 3, Steve Bosserman discussed the prosumer, consumers who are involved to some degree in the production process, as a potentially important feature of local food systems.  People generally want to do the right thing for other people and for the planet, especially if it doesn’t cost them anything or inconvenience them unduly. ... 


Successes with User-Driven Innovation in Scandinavia May Have Application in Northeast Ohio

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As Casey mentioned in a recent posting, our presentation to the Advance NorthEast Ohio Partners on 3 November mentioned the term "prosumer", an amalgam of "producer" and "consumer", which is used to describe a closing gap between the two.

Update on progress with ANEO and the FFEF

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We appreciate the opportunity to have met with you on November 3.  It is our considered opinion that our exchanges during that meeting moved us closer to consensus on a green agenda for the Advance Northeast Ohio (ANEO) plan.  Unfortunately, a follow-up conference call to give you an update in December on our two core initiatives was not possible.  In lieu of that the following note summarizes our progress to date as we launch the USDA-SCRI grant and reflects on a presentation we made to the Business Attraction, Retention and Entrepreneurship (BARE) Committee of the Fund for our Economic Fu

On water, carbon, and the multiple functions of agriculture

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Alayne Reitman shared the following article and asked, "Can the region take
advantage of our water? Can we be a center for innovation and
manufacturing in support of what may be developed?"  I just returned from a week of work with USDA and these multiple benefits of agriculture, including carbon and water
storage, figure prominently in the direction that the USDA grant
programs are taking. The most recent one, Ecosystem Services, was a
combined program with EPA in which carbon sequestration figured

Project funded to build sustainable agriculture, energy, renewable resources in NEO

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Last November 3, we met at Corporate College in Cleveland to discuss a
green, sustainability agenda for inclusion in the Advance Northeast
Ohio Plan.  Brian Gwin, Steve Bosserman and I shared a vision for
building local economies in Northeast Ohio starting with local food
systems, leading to renewable energy and distributed manufacturing with
renewable raw materials from the region's agricultural lands.  We're
delighted to share with you the news that the project has been
supported by the Fund for Our Economic Future.  A summary of the