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Wednesday June 22 2011

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2PM-4PM. Casey Hoy, Brian Gwin, Ron Becker, Bob Recker, Bill Boyer, Hannah Daneshvar, Kobi Quaye. 

At two in the afternoon, we met at Shreve to discuss and prepare the Sunlight Portal Project as well as gauge how the rain had impacted our plots in the field. There was much water in the field (see images, below), and some of the watermelon plants required replacement. However, there was overall growth: Bill's potatoes and peanuts have sprouted, the corn measures about a half foot in height, the muskmelon plants look sturdy, and the edamame is coming along nicely.

Progress of the Polyfarming Project/ Stinner Summit IV

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Participants: Casey Hoy, Brian Gwin, Bill Boyer, Bob Recker, Ron Becker, Rouf Mian, Ron Fioritto, Hannah Daneshvar, Kobi Quaye

Since the beginning of the project only three weeks ago, much has been accomplished in the field that we have been conducting research in.  After meeting with Roger Gwin, the owner of the field in which we are performing the project and Brian’s father, we immediately begin preparations for planting. 

Stinner Summit IV Plot Photos

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Just a quick posting of a few Buckwheat, Edamame, and Melon within the 20' wide strips of the Stinner Summit plot. The Edamame has been flowering for a few weeks and pods are beginning to form well. The Buckwheat was planted during a timeframe that would be comparable to after wheat harvest as a demo of cover crop or for grain purposes. Melons are still struggling with the impacts of heavy rains following planting. See some beginning to form.