Kitchen Equipment Needs

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Chef SherryK of Local Roots Commercial Processing Kitchen has provided a list of equipment they may need for ongoing and future operations. Please contact her if you have a lead on any of these items.

List of equipment we are looking for.
Table Top Stand Mixer
Ice machine
Flash Freezer
Immersion Blender
Convection Oven
Commercial Roaster Oven (Table Top)
I'm sure there is more, but this is what I can see here now.
Chef Sherry K
Sherry's Classic Cuisine, LLC
Manager, Local Roots Commercial Processing Kitchen

If you have similar needs, feel free to post a message to this group. In addition, a Trello group and board have been set up to further promote collective purchasing conversations and equipment exchanges. There is a link to the group in the header of the Midwest Food Innovation Network group on LFS, however you will need to be a member to access. Can contact me at and an invitation will be sent.    

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We recently determined a

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We recently determined a portion of the emails to be generated from LFS Collaborative groups were not being sent. If this is the first you have received a message regarding equipment needs for Local Roots, please read the original post.