Notes from 2/26/14 meeting

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  • RFP is forthcoming from Farmers National. Should be posted by the time of a full application?? 20 acres of flexibility is to be built into the lease agreement.
  • Design
  • Two stage ditch can be up to 10' deep. Bottom 20' wide with little slope, then banks are 1:1 slope. 
  • Construction cost appear to be in the $9 to $15 / linear ft. However the costs of materials to establish the cover / limit erosion can be significant. We should use an estimating cost per linear foot in the $30 to $50 range. Checked the topo map, this is a blue line stream so permits will be needed to do construction. 
  • Duane indicates that this construction could be conducive to good drainage and allow for future tile outlets.
  • Project termination points - How does this project lead into or from neighboring properties? Can this be demonstrated even if the points are on the Mellinger Farm property?
  • Casey to contact Dr. Ward regarding design and estimates. Sending 2ft topo map as a reference. In the meantime, Brian will use google maps and estimate some distances which are listed below each photo and Google Map Link,-82.057797&spn=0.00413,0.008256
  • Support and Matching
  • Rory will suggest grass / legume mixtures which may be suitable for mob grazing on occasion. Both Duane and Rory believe this is an acceptable practice if fence netting is used with goats or sheep. Dennis Brown of Byron Seeds would be a good contact for seed. Also Town and Country Coop. Need determination that grazing might be used before making the contact.
  • Casey to provide list of hort plants which might be used and harvested for stream bank restoration projects.
  • Duane will contact Boris at MWCD HQ for funding and / or letter of support. They are proponents of two stage ditches.
  • Brian plans to discuss OLICA (Ellis Aylsworth) as a match with Casey. Does OSU already have projects on the docket with them for 2014/15/16?
  •  Wayne SWCD willing to survey, design or assist with designs. With contribute to outreach via scheduled events. Also interested in recording the project for online distribution. Duane suggested that Randy N. also be part of this process as OARDC has more extensive resources.
  • Brian to set-up folder on LFS or other location for document and materials sharing




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