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Casey Hoy
The Ohio State University, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Agroecosystems Management Program Administrator
  • Regional, National and International Partners
  • Advance NorthEast Ohio Partners
  • OSU Faculty & Staff
  • Stinner Summit IV Project
  • Stinner Summit V Project - Youngstown Eats
  • Non-GMO Feed to Farmer
  • Mellinger Farm Land Management and Operations
  • Ohio Oilseed Research and Demonstration
  • Dismantling Structural Racism in the Food System
  • OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network
  • ALE DC – the Agricultural Landscape and Ecosystem Design Collaborative
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OSU Center for Farmland Policy Innovation Member
  • Value-added Processing (all foods)
  • OSU Faculty & Staff
  • OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network
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Ohio State ATI Member
  • OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network
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OSU Entomology Department Member
  • OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network
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Markets and Markets Member
  • Seeds Of Significance
  • MASCRI Technology
  • Advance Cuyahoga County Agriculture
  • Advance Lorain County Agriculture
  • Advance Mahoning County Agriculture
  • Advance Stark County Agriculture
  • Advance Summit County Agriculture
  • Advance Wayne County Agriculture
  • Cincinnati Local Foods Group
  • Entrepreneurs in Agriculture
  • Faith-Based Food and Agriculture Initiatives
  • Farm Impossible
  • Farm to Institutional Food Service
  • Coalition for Food Abundance in Pittsburgh Wiki
  • Youth in Local Food Systems
  • Expanding meat processing capabilities to meet the needs of consumers, processors, and diverse cultural preferences
  • FFA Agrientrepreneurship
  • Holmes Value-Added Agriculture
  • NEO Food Congress 2008
  • NEO Packaged Foods and Snacks Networking
  • OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network
  • Small Scale Farming Permaculture
  • Summit Food Policy Coalition
  • Urban and Suburban Agriculture
  • Value-added Processing (all foods)
  • Western PA Shared Commercial Kitchen/Value-Added Processing Network