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Vilsack GHG Announcement

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US Sec. of Ag. Tom Vilsack announced recently in Copehagen that the US Dairy industry is commiting to 25% reduction on greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. A major component of this initative will focus on capture and distruction of methane produced by dairy cattle. Vilsack indicates that various programs will be coming together to support the development of systems such as anaerobic digesters. See the Copehagen attachement for the full press release.

Sample letter of invitation to FFEF sponsored networking meeting

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Greetings Ag Success team,

Following is a sample letter of invitation sent by Abbe Turner to potentially interested parties in developing new opportunities in agricultural businesses in Portage County.  This could help the Ag Success Team draft a similar invitation for a gathering of our neighbors in Wayne Co. and surroundings.


Greetings friends!

Ohio AEPP Application Period is Open (Farmland Preservation)

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AST Members,

This past Friday, the Ohio Department of Agriculture posted the 2010 application for The Clean Ohio funded Agricultural Easement Purchase Program. You may wish to pass this message and / or the informational attachments along to those who may have an interest in the program. Within Wayne County landowners who intend to apply should contact Maryanna Biggio, volunteer within the Wayne Co. Planning Dept, at 330.287.5420