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Planning Committee

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Dear Planning Committee Members,
Thank you for having signed up on this site. As Richard pointed out, this will be a good way to communicate, plus there are a lot of other active Ohio-based groupson the site.
I'm trying to take stock of who we have. It seems that out of the committee members, the following have signed on to this group:



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Susan had asked about the possibility of having some of the takeways in an online format. This could result in a significant cost savings, plus attendees would possibly be able to interact after the Congress if there were a central clearinghouse of information. On the other hand, some attendees may be more comfortable with tangible materials or lack access to Internet.

If your business supports Local Growers please profile it on

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We will market the heck out of you and it will always be 100% Free.

Can you feel the Local Food Momentum starting to Grow?


We can!




John Bailey

Executive Director

Top 10 Produce LLC

Please Help - OUR LOCALE - Add your profile to your state. Seeking volunteer state administrators!

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OUR LOCALE - Please add your profile to your  state.  Seeking volunteer state administrators!

Please volunteer for your state.  We only need one admin per state and we have plenty of states left!

Seeking Volunteers in each state to act as state administrators on

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We have organizations that support the local food movement highlighted in the states where they volunteer one hour per month to act as state admin.  Would like the honor of Ohio?


Go to 1) Sign in 2) Join the ohio group 3) Email and we will add you as the Ohio State Administators.

Stiletto Gardener and Growing Power Urban Agriculture Weekend Event: July 15 - 17, 2011

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Meet  - - Will Allen, CEO of Growing Power

Columbus, OH

July 15 - 17, 2011


3  Day Workshop The goal of this workshop is to enable more Urban and Backyard Farmers and to grow and sell commercially, growlocal grown produces.