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Potential Small Grains Resources for Ohio growers

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Patrick Lipps and Jim Beuerlein seem to have the "alternative small grain" experience in Ohio from the brief scan of the OSU websites. Casey said that Patrick Lipps is retired but Jim Beuerlein is still around.

U of Wisconsin and U of Minnesota have an Alternative Field Crops Manual for the Upper Midwest with lots of the listings of grains and legumes.

The National Ag Library USDA under Alternative Farming systems had some info.

Regulations for staple food processing and sales

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We are looking for contacts, agencies and reguations that oversee the processing, milling, storage and sales of staple seed crops like flour, beans, oil seed, oil, etc. If anyone can point us to the right people so we can start accumlating data and regs (i.e. weights and measures, state dept of ag, etc), please post a reply here.


Michelle & Brandon

Update from the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative-Harvest season

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I am going to try to do blog posts here and at other sites where we are part of an on-line community around regional food security and business. Here's a start.

Since we returned from a Permaculture Certification course on August 31, we've been busy getting ready for harvest and the opening of Shagbark Seed & Mill Co. We've been pushing to get our seed cleaner and mill in place in early October and equipment in place to harvest crops in the coming weeks.

Thank you Jamie Oliver for your Food Revolution!!!!!

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Attached please find my un-professional “so long I needed to pull the plug on myself” rant/video!

I felt compelled to quickly tell Jamie how much I appreciate his work and how impressed I am with his courage and willingness to help our children with his Food Revolution.