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Urban Farming / Agriculture Roundtable Meeting Notes: May 18, 2009

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Some of the key items covered in the minutes:

  • Creating North Market in the Linden Area and incorporating indigenous cultures within the building.
  • Presenting in front of the school board – Implementing education within the new STEM school
  • Get young people to man the gardens, as well as the two beehives
  • Continue to put together the proposal, which may not be submitted now


Community Gardening Toolkit: A Resource for Planning, Enhancing and Sustaining Your Community Gardening Project

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The attached PDF file of the Community Gardening Toolkit was distributed in hard copy at the June 8, 2009 Urban Agriculture / Farming Roundtable meeting.  This document was written by Bill KcKelvey, MU Extension Associate, as part of the Healthy Lifestyle Initiative.  It is available for online viewing or download on the MU Extension website.

Thanks to Susan Shockey, OSU Extension, for providing this information at the meeting!

Framework for a District 27 Neighborhood-Based Food System

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Since the last Green and Growing meeting on 8 June 2008, numerous conversations have occurred that centered on a strategic framework for the initiative. Such a framework outlines the purpose, principles, and goals upon which future steps are effectively taken, efficiently coordinated and well-leveraged. Furthermore, it honors the good efforts put forth by many groups and individuals thus far with the initiative and it sets an inviting stage that enrolls wider participation.

Thank you Jamie Oliver for your Food Revolution!!!!!

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Attached please find my un-professional “so long I needed to pull the plug on myself” rant/video!

I felt compelled to quickly tell Jamie how much I appreciate his work and how impressed I am with his courage and willingness to help our children with his Food Revolution.


Networking 10 individuals interested in owning property and creating a sustainable living from it...

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If you are within a reasonable distance of the Thumb area of Michigan and would like to discuss the potential for going into business together to build an Organic Vegtable Farm together, please contact me: and learn more.

I am looking for a GROUP of people to take on a land contract on a 40 acre parcel of property to develop into a working model for people to learn from. I hope to find individuals who are just as passionate as I am about self-sufficiency in both resources and Energy!