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Information needs for developing local food systems

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Attached is a document that presents objectives for gathering information needed in the analysis and design of a local food system.  It also presents a list of specific information needs, and methods to obtain that data.  This document is under consideration by food planning groups in Gainesville, Florida.  We are actively discussing GIS, distribution systems, planning resources, ways to collaborate vs. parallel initiatives,  limiting factors, education, funding issues, and many other factors.

Automating Information Gathering and Accounting Systems

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Hello Everybody,

I was given the link to Local Food Systems by a reporter at the Mount Vernon News.  What an interesting site!

I have a question.  It seems like most of the data being discussed here comes from external sources - GIS data, Census data, etc.  What applications can you think of for data coming directly from the farms and businesses they serve?

Community Asset Management Application

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Hello All,

We presented our Community Asset Management application last week at the Ohio Department of Agriculture Ohio local foods roundtable. We were pleased with the number of individuals that supported the further development of this application. I wanted to start this thread to share the ideas from that presentation, and to continue to gather ideas from all of you.

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This is my first time on here since PASA, so am trying to figure it out. Here is what I am interested in:

I beleive global food system efficiencies such as technology can be used to address problems of local food economies and make them a larger part of the local food economy as a whole.

I beleive this will be a non linear system such as the internet (and this networking tool), as opposed to the old supply chain linear model. "Distributed supply chain mangment"

Open source food network software

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I posted this message in the Logistics group, in response to Sam Earle's message entitled "Supply Chain and Technology".  Reposting since I did not include some other groups that might be interested.

This is administrative software for groups of producers who pool their food and distribute to many customers.

Also manages food processing.

Developed with and for several local food networks in the US and Canada.

Up and running.  Source code available.

Food System Logistics Biomimicry - Ant Colony Optimization

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I was telling Kari Moore about this biomimicry-based technique for optimizing transportation routes, and figured the rest of this group might be interested as well, so I'm posting here rather than just emailing Kari.  Most of the work so far has been done in Europe, but we do have some OSU Fisher School of Business faculty who are beginning to work with this algorithm.  

A New Type of Insfrastructure for Local Systems (including local food systems) based on search

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Today I read this amazing article:

It's worth mentioning that their is no science without theory. The human mind is wired for creating theories. That is why there is a neural network built into our brain/mind system. It is wired to consider the un-manifested.

That being said, what Kevin Kelly describes is a lot like Stephen Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science". Not exactly the same, but closely related.

Market Maker: What is it? How can we use it?

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Hi friends,

I received lots of great feedback from many of you that I had a chance to speak with at the Stinner Summit recently.


Lots of projects and groups were interested in havign access to geographic mapping online.  It turns out that there is already a resource available that offers quite a bit of publicly-available data.


That tool is Ohio Market Maker


(also linked to under useful links above)