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Rapid Decision Making

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Just wanted to mention that the "system" that we are moving towards being as a project is really starting to resemble what is described in the PDF attached here.

From summary:

The challenges arise particularly when decision makers are engaged with complex issues involving multiple stakeholders, unanticipated events, ad hoc structures or groups, and uncertain or unstable environments. Among the key challenges that practitioners report are:

Overcoming poor infrastructures

Leveraging expertise

Coping with volatile information dynamics

Connecting local people with curriculum for creating web presences, and tools to network their presences with others

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I am changing this post to a stated need to connect people with knowledge about creating web presences, prefably using open source software when possible.This was  stated need at

Local Food Systems Web and Network Architecture

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Yesterday, and todya, Paul Hartzog and I architected the basic building blocks of Local Food Systems network architecture.


The idea here is to be able to make very flexible and useful architecture, that can be easily added to over time, and that can be used both on *and* elsewhere. 

The system accepts multiple inputs, processes in many useful ways, and generates multiple outputs. The system is made entirely of open source software.

Here's a graphical represention of the architecture:

Automating Information Gathering and Accounting Systems

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Hello Everybody,

I was given the link to Local Food Systems by a reporter at the Mount Vernon News.  What an interesting site!

I have a question.  It seems like most of the data being discussed here comes from external sources - GIS data, Census data, etc.  What applications can you think of for data coming directly from the farms and businesses they serve?

Poultry Processing Work Group - Scheduled for Oct 1 at ODA

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A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon, October 1st from 1 to 2pm at Ohio Dept of Agriculture to discuss various grant possibilities for a MPU project with USDA rep Deb Rausch. Amalie Lipstreu with ODA, has organized the meeting so members of the poultry processing work group - and anyone else having an interest in the development of additional processing capacity - can discuss the opportunities.