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Common Misconceptions about Local Food Production

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The October 24th edition of the Denver Post featured an article entitled, "Agriburbia" sprouts on Colorado's Front Range.  It is about Matthew "Quint" Redmond, co-founder of the TSR Group in Golden, CO, and his concept to integrate food production operations within existing neighborhoods and planned communities in order to supply local residents and restaurants with seasonal fresh food.  His bold agenda for urban farming encompasses the conversion of no less than all 31

Thank you Jamie Oliver for your Food Revolution!!!!!

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Attached please find my un-professional “so long I needed to pull the plug on myself” rant/video!

I felt compelled to quickly tell Jamie how much I appreciate his work and how impressed I am with his courage and willingness to help our children with his Food Revolution.


Networking 10 individuals interested in owning property and creating a sustainable living from it...

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If you are within a reasonable distance of the Thumb area of Michigan and would like to discuss the potential for going into business together to build an Organic Vegtable Farm together, please contact me: and learn more.

I am looking for a GROUP of people to take on a land contract on a 40 acre parcel of property to develop into a working model for people to learn from. I hope to find individuals who are just as passionate as I am about self-sufficiency in both resources and Energy! 

Open source food network software

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I posted this message in the Logistics group, in response to Sam Earle's message entitled "Supply Chain and Technology".  Reposting since I did not include some other groups that might be interested.

This is administrative software for groups of producers who pool their food and distribute to many customers.

Also manages food processing.

Developed with and for several local food networks in the US and Canada.

Up and running.  Source code available.

Process Flow Maps for Fresh Vegetable and Grape Production

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Pinakin Desai of Memes Associates is producing a series of process flow maps with support from the USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative, the Fund for Our Economic Future of NE Ohio, and John Deere.  The completed maps for fresh vegetable production and grape production for juice and wine are attached as PDF files to this posting.  The maps for dairy operations and nursery operations will be posted in February.

Participation in Local Food Systems

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Participation in Local Food Systems

Numerous references are made in the USDA-SCRI grant to networking and
collaboration--the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at
anytime and work effectively together on activities of mutual
interest.  These social behaviors are essential to the development of
local food systems and their logical extension to local and regional