Collaborative Business Networks

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Non-GMO Feed Grains Network

This is the private work space for project members who are associated with one or more of the following groups. 

Non-GMO Feed to Farmer


8 years 2 months Brian Gwin Request group membership

Develop a mission statement

Idea Creators -                                                                                       Investors

Resources -                                                                                            Educators


6 years 1 month Brian Gwin Request group membership
Small Business Management

A general study of the field of small business focusing on policies,
strategies, organization, operation, and problems associated with
the operation of an entrepreneurial enterprise.

2 years 10 months webadmin Request group membership
Mellinger Farm Land Management and Operations

Draft a land management plan that will include strategies for rental contracts and management and programs. 

Agroecosystems Management Program - Website

Mellinger Farm - Auditor Tax Card, Auditor MapGoogle Map

6 years 10 months Casey Hoy Request group membership
NEO Juice, Beer, Wine, & Spirits   6 years 1 week Brian Gwin Request group membership
Small Scale Soil Conservation Equipment

Development of equipment and associated production practices focused on soil conservation for small producers.  


Idea Creators -                                              Investors

Resources -                                                  Educators


6 years 2 months Brian Gwin Request group membership
Corn Crop Destruction

To reduce and eventually eliminate the destruction of corn stalks due to wind destruction. Chemicals used to grow corn quicker are causing crops to grow quickly and are not given enough time to develop properly.

4 years 1 month Mark Mittiga Request group membership
Baer Farms Dairy Products

Provide Local Dairy products for 




7 years 4 weeks cbaer Request group membership
Aquaculture Network

Currently contains information on businesses from a list of fish propagators provided by ODNR.

Should fish processors be included?

What about other types of fish producers?

6 years 3 weeks Brian Gwin Request group membership
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAV)

This PUBLIC portfolio collaboration space is for companies that are currently in the SUAV sector, companies that would like to join the SUAV sector and begin producing/manufacturing Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and companies that would like to purchase Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveying their land/crops.

Educators -  OSU C.O.R.N                                   Stories - sUAS News, PrecisionAg

Advocates -                                                         Investors - JobsOhio

Idea Creators -                                                    Resource Providers - JumpStart E-Network

Dropbox / BuckeyeBox - NEO                              Reports - 

6 years 6 months David Spisak Request group membership