Collaborative Business Networks

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Aquaculture Network

Currently contains information on businesses from a list of fish propagators provided by ODNR.

Should fish processors be included?

What about other types of fish producers?

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Baer Farms Dairy Products

Provide Local Dairy products for 




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Buckeye ISA

With support from a WKKF grant, Ohio State University is supporting the formation of a network of small scale producers who produce, aggregate and sell food items to the University. Participants, representing households with young children in the home, are being recruited from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Central and SE Ohio and particularly communities of color. The grant is supporting training and assistance with production, aggregation, delivery and business aspects of initiating the producer network.

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Corn Crop Destruction

To reduce and eventually eliminate the destruction of corn stalks due to wind destruction. Chemicals used to grow corn quicker are causing crops to grow quickly and are not given enough time to develop properly.

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Food as Economic Development

Build economies using food and ag.

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Food Processing Technologies Center

Develop a center / pilot / demo facility for Ohio food processing industry partners.

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Mellinger Farm Land Management and Operations

Draft a land management plan that will include strategies for rental contracts and management and programs. 

Agroecosystems Management Program - Website

Mellinger Farm - Auditor Tax Card, Auditor MapGoogle Map

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Midwest Food Innovation Network

To enhance collaboration among Commercial Kitchens, Kitchen Incubators and Food Hubs in Northeast Ohio.

Resource Providers - OSU Food Industries Center, OSUE Local Foods Signature Team, National Good Food Network

Kitchens - Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen, Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator, Detroit Kitchen Connect (Food Lab Detroit), Local Roots Wooster Kitchen, Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK)Stanard Farm and Weinland Park Food District

Knowledge Commons - USDA AMS Markets, USDA KYF2

Trello Boards - email for membership

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NEO AgBio CARE Projects
Despite prior investments in basic and applied research, critical problems continue to impede the efficient production and protection of agriculturally-important plants and animals. These problems may be local, regional, or national, and may call for work focused on one or more scientific disciplines. However, all need immediate attention to meet producer needs. Finding and implementing solutions to these critical problems require partnership and close coordination among researchers, extension experts, and producers. Funded projects will quickly yield solutions or practices that can be rapidly implemented by producers. 
The CARE program area addresses the following priorities of the 2008 Farm Bill: A. Plant Health and Production and Plant Products; B. Animal Health and Production and Animal Products; C. Food Safety, Nutrition and Health; D. Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment; E. Agriculture, Systems and Technology; and F. Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities.
Develop and implement solutions to critical producer problems associated with animal and crop production, protection, or product quality. Emphasis will be placed on achieving results that can be applied by the producer as quickly as possible following project completion. Applications should include justification of why the issue is critical and how project outcomes will rapidly impact the stakeholder community. The project must include stakeholders. 
To get started - Post a Public Message in inform the entire group of your idea, Start a Folder for background material and Create a To Do tasks to poll for collaborators or ask others to gather information from researchers or stakeholders. Please invite others to participate. While you can always start another collaborative group focused on your individual proposal, we encourage you to maintain activity in this group or at least share information back on a regular basis. 
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