Local Food Assessment

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Does anyone have a survey that could be used to assess needs and constraints of restaurants in terms of buying local produce. Vice versa with wholesalers?

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Farm to chef operations may have the information

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Farm to chef oriented businesses like FreshFork Market (see useful links under resources - top of page) may have the information you're looking for.  The farm to institution (LocalCrop) and farm to workplace (FarmShare Ohio) businesses may have some good information as well.  And our own Stan Ernst may know of studies that have been done.

Sam's suggestion is that we can put a survey on this site, similar to the star ratings that you see on travel sites.  We do have folks associated with restaurants on it, but you'd probably be better off seeking something like and ODA specialty crops block grant (this topic could be quite viable) and surveying a sample of restaurants directly.  We'll be doing something very similar (Dan Frobose and Megan Shoenfelt of AMP under an ODA SCBG) to explore needs and constraints for institutional food services. 

Thanks- I have some studies

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Thanks- I have some studies from Jeff Sharp's group but need to pin down an instrument (s) that I could adapt and use locally.

possible multiple use of institutional food service survey

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One additional possibility would be in adapting a survey that Dan Frobose and Megan Shoenfelt will be developing in an ODA specialty crop block grant project that we have and that is asking pretty much the same question of insitutional food services.  The survey will be carried out by the University of Dayton marketing group and won't be developed until winter quarter but from my perspective you would be welcome to it to adapt for your purposes.

That would be great- are

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That would be great- are those two on this discussion group. I would like to write to them. Dan

Contact for Dan and Megan

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I don't think Dan and Megan are subscribed to this group (Networking and Collaboration for LFS) but both are subscribed to the site and you can find them and contact them by clicking on "people", at the very top of the page.