AFRI CARE Grant and The BetaSpace

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Here is a link to the new NIFA AFRI CARE grant. Complete details can be found in the Foundational Program RFP Pages 30 and 31

Copied from the NIFA website 

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Foundational Program:

Critical Agricultural Research and Extension (CARE)

Despite prior investments in basic and applied research, critical problems continue to impede the efficient production and protection of agriculturally-important plants and animals. These problems may be local, regional, or national, and may call for work focused on one or more scientific disciplines. However, all need immediate attention to meet producer needs. Finding and implementing solutions to these critical problems require partnership and close coordination among researchers, extension experts, and producers. Funded projects will quickly yield solutions or practices that can be rapidly implemented by producers. SPECIAL NOTE: Applications to this program should uniquely fit into this program and should not be eligible for submission to other existing AFRI program areas or priority areas. 

AST Members - The challenge is to find one or more opportunities from the NEO region that would make for a solid application among research, extension as well as entrepreneurial minded producers

For those of you interested in high risk - high reward research there is a similar program Exploratory which follows CARE in the description document.
In addition, here is the link to The BetaSpace a web portal recently launched by JEN partner MAGNET

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