Dave Jacke, Eden Arising: Lessons from Ecology for Culture and Agriculture

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Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this to the main group as well as some other group that might have interest in increasing edible perennial production in the region. 

I'm very excited to announce that next week we will be hosting a rare presentation by Dave Jacke, primary author of the award winning book Edible Forest Gardens.  The title of the talk is Eden Arising:  Lessons from Ecology for Culture and Agriculture, and for anyone interested in understanding more about permaculture, etc.,  this is amazing opportunity to learn from one of the masters. The discussion will be held at S-N-S stables in Conneaut, OH, at 7 pm on September 10, 2008.  There will be a farm tour and refreshments starting at 6pm.  The cost for the event is $12 per person.  Please contact me if you'd like to arrange for ride sharing to the event.  Thanks, I hope to see you there!
Please check out the attached flyer for more details and directions.
 Andrew Heinrich 




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Andrew and others--

If you have contact info or otherwise know how one might bring Jacke to another area of the state (we are nearly six hours away from the event you announced),  let us know. We just completed the first section of a Permaculture course with Peter Bane and would be glad to organize an event here in SE Ohio.

 Michelle & Brandon

Dave Jacke

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Since the site posted Jacke's visit to NE Ohio back in September, we've been corresponding with him about the possibliity of coming to Athens County. Turns out he might come in late March or early April, but we need to raise the funds to pay him. If there are orgs in our collaborative that can help sponsor his visit, please contact us.We need a total of $1-2 thousand depending on whether we host him for one or two days.

We are communcating with OU and Hocking College faculty as well since students from both schools would find relavance in Jacke's workshop.

Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger