Food Congress Publicity Working Group

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  1. Invitations for delegates - must also provide info on Friday site visits with maps - Invitations should be our priority. At the last meeting the group decided that Oct. 9th was going to be the registration deadline for delegates. So we need to have these mailed out 2 or 3 weeks before that. Around Sept. 22nd.
  2. Invitation for general public - not sure how this is going to work
  3. Program for Friday
  4. Program for Saturday
  5. Signs needed at Hiram directing people to various aspects of the event (registration, workshops, meals, etc.)

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Updated Timeline for Invitations

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Based on our last meeting here are the deadlines for Invitations/Registration:

Week of September 1st- printing

Week of September 8th- mail to delegates

October 9th- registration deadline- online

Based on this information I think we must have a draft to share with the entire group on August 12th. The site identification is supposed to be completed by July 31st.  This will provide us with the information we need to include in the invitations.  I think it will be important to have a more refined schedule of events so we can include this info in the invitation as well.  I would imagine that we would need the schedule of events finalized the week before we print. By August 22nd? What do you think?

I contacted Andrew who will be putting up the website for the event to see if he's worked on any design elements yet that we should carry over to the invitations. We may have to coordinate with video/multi-media committee, which I just noticed you are also on. That should be helpful. 

If anybody has ideas that they would like to see incorporated into the invitations please share!