Food Planning for NEO Food Congress

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Hi Beth, Heather,

I think it is Friday supper, Saturday lunch.

I had floated the idea of something after the Congress for the planning committee, but that could be at a restaurant and not at Hiram with AVI, etc.

For the Congress it is only those two meals. Plus coffee, water, type of amenities during the Saturday morning/afternoon times.

Brown bag was the conclusion of the group for Friday afternoon.

Numbers will be hard to determine for Friday supper. Saturday lunch will probably be 225 (to catch the speakers, and any none delegate attendees.

Friday supper I would think 150 -175 people, if we think that some will only attend on Saturday. We will have an RSVP before the Congress to nail it down. When planning and contracting, I wonder if planning for 200-225 makes sense just to ensure we have enough.

FYI - left over food ideas? Can bulk stuff go to a local church or kitchen in Hiram or to an area food bank for redistribution? Hopefully we won't have enough to worry about.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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