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Hello Food Planning group for the NEO Food Congress...Beth Knorr, Jean McKenzie, and Steve Zabor! This is my first ever blog on this site and I just wanted to see how it works.


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Hi Heather-  I am wondering

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Hi Heather-  I am wondering where we stand in this process of foraging local foods for our Congress.  I recall at our meeting in Hiram discussing with the caterers whether they could come up with a tentative menu given what is likely to be available so we can start looking at prices.  I think what we need to clarify with the planning body as a whole is the number of folks for each meal.  Am I remembering all this right or have I missed something?



Beth, Yes you are right. 

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Yes you are right.  AVI was going to look at what local products would be available along with identifying where to purchase the foods based on information we provided to them and their own sources.  At that point they were going to develop a menu to choose from with various options and prices.  I agree, we need to clarify with the group the numbers for each meal.  Our food planning group will have to decide on buffet vs. served, wine, dessert, etc...   Based on our last meeting I believe the group decided that Friday lunch at the sites is going to be brown bag.  So we'll need meals for Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner.  I don't know when the caterers were going to be prepared with a menu, but I think we need to give them a better idea of how many plates for each meal as it may affect prices.

Food budger for F.C.08'

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Hi Beth,

I am working on the budget for a funding package an this what I have so far:

Dinner for 200 @ $25.00 a plate = $5,000

Breakfast for 200 @ $10.00 a plate= $2,000

Lunch for 200 @ $10.00 a plate= $2,000

Coffee/Tea throughout the dat @ $5.00 each= $1,000


Does this seem reasonable?

Food Budget Update

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Meals we need budget for are as follows:


Friday Dinner for 200:  $25 each sounds OK

Saturday Coffee/Pastries:  not a full breakfast

Saturday Lunch for 200:  $10 sounds OK

Coffee/Tea/Water: $5 each...  sounds OK- would need to check with the caterer


We haven't received any prices yet from the caterer. 


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I think all this sounds pretty reasonable. I will try to follow up with the caterer early next week to see if that budget is workable.