Food systems logistics project developed at the 6th Annual Stinner Summit

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The following project was selected at this year's Stinner Summit.  This group will be used to help networking, collaboration and communication on the project.  Hope you'll be able to assist with this great project in some way.



No Empty Trucks (Supported with $300 in Stinner Endowment funds plus multiple commitments of additional capitals)

Coordinate regional food delivery trucks to increase systematic

and community economic efficiency.

• How can we better capitalize on the opportunities of having

five local food hubs (Cleveland, Youngstown, Wooster, Columbus,

and Athens) as a region?

• Idea: Logistics and distribution of product between food

hubs allows for diversified products and increased sales. If

distribution logistics for the five food hubs in the region were

better coordinated, producers, distributors, retailers, and customers

would all benefit.

• Ask: Assess the distribution of local food in the Eastern

Ohio region. Group participants were tasked to survey their

local distribution channels.

• Budget: $300 will provide a meal for leaders of the five food

hubs to get together after evaluating their local distribution

channels to discuss ideas on creating a more coordinated


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