Information needs for developing local food systems

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Attached is a document that presents objectives for gathering information needed in the analysis and design of a local food system.  It also presents a list of specific information needs, and methods to obtain that data.  This document is under consideration by food planning groups in Gainesville, Florida.  We are actively discussing GIS, distribution systems, planning resources, ways to collaborate vs. parallel initiatives,  limiting factors, education, funding issues, and many other factors.

I am concerned about the availability of GIS data needed for local systems, and what I perceive as a lack of transparency by some state agencies.  I am also very encouraged by the availability of local data sources, particularly parcel data, maintained by counties.   Local support can be a key factor in gaining access to various sources of data. 

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Ohio food systems assessment

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Thanks for sharing this, Dave, I'll look forward to reading it and will get back to you on the specific data.  We've faced similar challenges in Ohio.  I chair the Food Systems Assessment Task force of the Ohio Food Policy Advisory council and we've found that the data we'd really like to have for a comprehensive assessment of the food system is scattered amongst many agencies or just missing entirely.  We are making some progress in getting multiple-county regional assessments funded, and the challenge now is to get enough consistency in these individual projects to be able to piece together a state-level picture.  


I'd invite you to have a look at the Food Systems Assessment task force group posts, including a wiki that we've been trying to use to gather some metadata for the sources we do have.  If this kind of thing would be of use to your group, then the same tools are available to you through this site.  

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