Key to meat processing registration codes

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A Inspected Slaughter-Red Meat
B Inspected Processing-Red Meat (H.R.I.)
C Inspected Processing-Red Meat (Wholesale)
D Inspected Processing-Red Meat (Canning)
E Custom Slaughter-Red Meat (Not For Sale)
F Custom Processing-Red Meat (Not For Sale)
G Inspected Slaughter-Poultry
H Inspected Processing-Poultry (H.R.I.)
I Inspected Processing-Poultry (Wholesale)
J Inspected Processing-Poultry (Canning)
K Custom Slaughter & Processing-Poultry [ORC 918.27(B)(1)]
L Custom Grower-Processor-Poultry [ORC 918.27(B)(2)(a)(b)]
M Inspected Slaughter-Voluntary (includes Exotic but excludes Rabbit)
N Inspected Processing-Voluntary (includes Exotic but excludes Rabbit)
O Inspected Slaughter-Rabbit
P Inspected Processing-Rabbit
Q Inspected Slaughter-Ritual (any species)
R Custom Slaughter-Ritual (any species)
S Retail Exempt (i.e. exempt from ODA DMI; covered under local health) Date of most recent license
T Inspected Retail (covered by ODA DMI)

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