Networking 10 individuals interested in owning property and creating a sustainable living from it...

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If you are within a reasonable distance of the Thumb area of Michigan and would like to discuss the potential for going into business together to build an Organic Vegtable Farm together, please contact me: and learn more.

I am looking for a GROUP of people to take on a land contract on a 40 acre parcel of property to develop into a working model for people to learn from. I hope to find individuals who are just as passionate as I am about self-sufficiency in both resources and Energy! 

We not only should be able to provide a way to sustain ourselves and others, but also have a responsibily to beautify it as well. 

I have many ideas, but refuse to take on a mortgage alone with the economic climate in the state it is in. If this sounds like something you would be interested in talking more about, please contact me immediately.



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