Produce on Wheels for Eating Right Project

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In Butler County we are developing a mobile farmers market with a strong focus on nutrition and horticulture education. The name of the project is Produce on Wheels for Eating Right (POWER). I have attached the vision, mission, and goals.

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Power Project

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Hi Dan:

Happy to chat with you about this project...I know you tried to connect with me last winter...lots of thoughts to share given that we've been doing our Veggie Van project at Local Matters for the last 3 years.

614.440.4485 upcoming GIS tools

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Hello Dan -

I have been working on a GIS web mapping application for this site finishing the first version last week.  It is not live yet, but I think it will be useful in your project to disseminate the identified assets/barriers of the food system while engaging the community to participate in collecting the information.  I will keep you informed as we move forward with this addition to the site in the next few weeks.


Nathan- I think I saw Casey's

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Nathan- I think I saw Casey's presentation on this and actually that's why I was visiting the site yesterday. I have been working with Dept of Geography at Miami but would like to talk with you. I see your project applicable to producers, retailers, and businesses.