SLOW MONEY NEO -- How To Become Involved

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As a new group, SLOW MONEY NEO, as a part of the SLOW MONEY OHIO CHAPTER, is beginning to grow.......


Step 1:      Visit the SLOW MONEY website -- where you can learn about the concept and its beginning as well as information about its founder, Woody Tasch.

Step 2:     While on the website, visit the SLOW MONEY PRINCIPLES.  If it agrees with your values, please sign.  Don't leave the website yet.....

Step 3:      Make a commitment, join as a member on the website.  You are joining SLOW MONEY OHIO, and 50% of your membership comes back to the OHIO Chapter.  The Ohio Chapter website is currently under construction:

Step 4:      To find out more about SLOW MONEY NEO, join us on March 1 for our second local meeting at the Hooper Farm in Tremont in the Cleveland area.  There are a few seats left, there is no charge, just bring a dish to share and a chair BUT YOU MUST RSVP AT  


Come join our cultural revolution to show that food, farms, and fertility are important to you....SLOW MONEY NEO 

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