Stinner Summit PolyFarming Project In the Ground!!

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Each of you has played a role in conceiving of, designing, and/or advancing the project chosen at the 4th Annual Stinner Summit - 2+ farmers, multiple crops, one field.  That field is in Shreve, Ohio, farmed by Brian Gwin's father, Roger Gwin.  Roger and Brian will be growing the corn, and it's probably coming up today.  The soil is a muck, great for vegetables, and Bill Boyer will be growing a mixture of vegetables in two of the 5 strips, Brian and family will be producing melons and sweet corn in two, and the fifth has had an edamame cultivar evaluation planted in it, with 3 cultivars (see attached photo, no-till corn and rototilled vegetable strips).  More on this later, but Brian and I count at least 5 different research projects that are evolving out of this opportunity.


I'd like to introduce Hannah Daneshvar and Kobi Quaye, two summer research assistants, very bright college students, and graduates of the ORIP internship program.  They will be assisting with the record keeping, data collecting, documentation, telling the story, and this morning they're helping Bill plant potatoes and peanuts.  They'll be in touch next week to find out a bit about each of you and learn what you would most like to see out of the project. 


We'll use this group to keep all of this together, share what's going on, and even get some of the day to day communication done.  Stay tuned!


Best wishes, Casey

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