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Hello all,

Matt, thank you for getting this on line. I think we should try and streamline things. Lets use this as a working and planning forum, but continue to develope a website. Andrew Heinrich is working on something that may be appicable as a website and could be interacted with by invited members.

I am working on the notes from the last meeting and integrating sections into the component descriptions that Brad generated - delegate selection process, open space description, etc.

Can we have sections for the working groups here, or do we handle that in some other way? Maybe if the working group specifies in their subject line the particular topic.

Thoughts from others?

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Working groups

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Chris and Matt,

We could do the working groups for Congress subcommittees either as new working groups identified on the site, in which case I'd suggest a group title that starts with NEOFC or something like that, or just putting the subcommittee in the subject line and posting it to the entire group. The advantage of the latter is that everyone would be in the loop on all of the communications. And that could also be considered a disadvantage by those suffering from email excess but it's a simple matter to get rid of the emails that don't apply and don't need to be read.


As I mentioned to Matt, until we get the rest of the committee added to this group, everyone is the three of us plus Sam Rose, the site programmer/administrator.


Got the email from Crown Point yesterday announcing your new position to the world, congratulations again!


Adding the group

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Thanks for the tip Casey.  I will work to get the other folks added to the mailing/communication list.

 Hope alls well.