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Combining Sustainable Agriculture With Other Interests

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Good Morning Everyone,
I am taking the sustainable agriculture course from Lorain County Community College for personal develop. I am a wife, mother of 4 adult children, and grandmother. After 38 years of continuous parenting, I now have an empty nest. However, my 2nd son and his wife are pregnant with their 6th child. So, I decided that it is going to take a village to help their growing family to be sustainable. Therefore, at the age of 60, I am now learning how to grow food. My goal is to learn how to provide a variety of vegetables for my adult children, their children and any future grandchildren.

This past spring (2020) I planted a small garden. The first time I have had my own garden in over 40 years. I quickly realized that I need to do a better job building my soil structure for next spring. I have attempted to use wisdom with this new adventure but I have a lot to learn. It has been such a pleasure to grow tomatoes that taste like my childhood. That memory of eating tomatoes from my mother’s garden quickly came back to me.

Learning how to garden in a sustainable manner is not my only interest. I am a certified medical administrative assistant (CMAA). I am a licensed esthetician (LE). Which means I can give amazing facials. I have recently completed a community health worker program through Cleveland State. Once the paperwork is processed, I will be a certified community health worker (CCHW) through the Ohio State Board of Nursing. I am also a student in the wellness certificate program through LCCC. I enjoy creative writing and photography.

So, I said all that to introduce myself. Plus, I was wondering if you also have multiple interests and how you want to combine those interests with sustainable agriculture to create a business that is uniquely you. If I can help anyone in the area of wellness, I would enjoy doing so. I am open to learning about your interests as well.

Go out and make it a happy and healthy day for you and yours.
Laura Renee’ Hess